My sister's husband is a god man...


WO KAO!!!!!!!!!

Surprised by the god man of my sister’s ready husband.Directly not installing the pinying input!!!!! The Baidu Wubi ? Are you kidding me ? Just hear it but not ever use it…

So the only way is to write some words with my poor,ridiculous Chinese English ? That’s really funny.

Just right now can I found the poor Internet speed when surfing my feifeier website…Oh no,actually it’s the free foreign virtual main machine…

All right,when I have some money I must move it to a faster server.

By the way,the small keyboard is really using comfortably.

I just glimpsed at his bookmarks,then I can figure out that it’s really a skilled man,stronger in front of me lots of streets.

The Mac mini main machine ? the sumsung screen ? the apple mouse ? the hhkb professional 2 keyboard ?

Amazing,I should learn to him even though it looks like I pretending some god and whatever , sometimes it just a necessary thing when you towards a NB way.

[DATE] 2014.07.26 Saturday 13:59
[Location] XuHui Area , Shanghai China
[Weather] Thunder with Rain 26-34 Degree