Time goes by,Unexpected


A long time passed, not having some words on this platform.

After having the 10M bps network, I became very lazy. It seems that I cherished the limited situation better than the comfortable one. When the speed of the network was just 10K, I urge on surfing the internet, where the speed is faster, I will go there without any hesitation. So it’s the common scene that I stayed at the canteen of the company very late even after the light’s off.

Which date ? 2014.09.05 or what ? too long, I forgot…



Save it as a draft. I think it’s ten days at least since that. Don’t wanna write, don’t wanna read, don’t wanna do anything, just gonna watch and listen, too lazy, like a dying man, holy crap !!! How dare you !How dare you sink so far ! Your procrastination is beyond cure.

A little miss, a little cherish. The once four buddies have been pursuing their different dreams in different places with different people while the day is unseen when the four guys meet, chat, eat, work, sleep again…

Never forget, the day that we ate everywhere on every weekend,

Never forget, the day that we crap each other every single hour,

Never forger, the day that you guys talk and analysis with me overnight inside your hearts of course including my own.

Never ever forget.

Even though just be along with only one month, I cherish you guys as the never forgettable people in my whole private life.

As my poor English skill, it’s hard for me to express my true feeling. I don’t know that how the others who read the essay would feel, maybe difficult to understand ? or really funny ? Whatever…

Had to say, the pressure of looking for a new job is really really hard to me like a huge mountain pressing my back, can’t even breath a little. Ah…do what ? Not having the beautiful girl, just gonna countersunk hard study, thinking can’t forget anymore, obviously, ‘Cause can’t meet other girl, or can’t see other girl in a common way, all my eyes are her shadow.

All right, whatever, let it go with the flow, do not expect, do not force…